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What is Dasha?

Dasha is a pattern that show which planet according to Astrology will be ruling at a particular time.

The term “Dasha” is a Sanskrit term in Hindu astrology used to project out the planetary periods.

This planetary period shows when the bad or good will happen according to the sign also known as Rasi, House(Graha), combination ( Yogas) or aspects.

Directional astrology is unique to the Hindus it found nowhere else.

Dasha helps in providing a system to judge the effects of planets throughout a person’s life by showing how the planet makes their effect.

Each dasha is served by one of the 9 planets and the quality and benevolence of each period is determined by the condition and position of each planet in the natal chart.

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There are lots of texts available to read on the Hindu astrology in general. The dasha effects of planet on the health, wealth, age etc can be narrated by reading some of these texts.


And also the general well-being of human beings on the premise that all events have the tendency to re-occur, the overall effects of the Vimshottari mahadashas of nine planets are subject to the effects of their respective antra-dashas and paryantra-dashas that depend largely on their location as counted from the mahadasa-lord and their natural and temporal relationship with it.

Equally, it is also believed that ancient seers did not approve any other method for assessment of one’s lifespan etc. other than through the aid of the yogas obtaining at the time of birth and the nature of the dashas likely to operate.

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There is nine planet or grahas. These planet rules the nine dashas. There are at least 43 different dasha systems.

“Dasha” is one of the major periods of a planet. “Poorna Dasha” is called when the planet is the most powerful. The Poorna Dasha is said to you wealth and health.

Similarly, we have “Rikta Dasha”. It is one of the powerless planets. “Rikta” means poor of any power.

It is furthermore explained that dasha of the planet which is having the unfriendly sign will bring bad incidence or else can be explained as something miserable or undesirable.

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As per Astrology Pandit Surya, one of the Best Indian Astrologer in Johannesburg says that planet placed in Mahadasha provides the best result.

It is because the planet placed in exaltation sign is capable of providing good results with fewer efforts.

But planet in exaltation sign attains strongest placement and also will its results good or bad with higher intensity.

Furthermore, exalted planet is not always good. An exalted planet that acts malevolently can bring out exalted problems.

Planet is considered as strong and well placed when they are occupying their own sign. Exalted planets can bring out good or bad results depending on their own sign act in favourable ways.

In general case of astrology, there is a principle that out of two signs, Mooltrikona ruler ship is more predominant.

Equally it is believed that all happenings are based on the favourable and unfavourable condition of these planets.

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Each planet is particularly closely related with one sign.

This sign corresponds with the nature of the planet, and is called its Mooltrikona sign.

Moola means root, and implies that this is where the planet has its ‘roots’.

Trikona means a triangle and hints at the fact that the 5th and 9th sign are also having the same element associated with it.

Example – Aquarius an airy sign, all Trikona signs from Aquarius are having same elements nourishes the sign or the house under consideration.

Planets in signs with the hind parts rising may show their full effect in the latter part of the mahadasa; in the signs rising with the front part first, in the initial period, and in Pisces, in the middle.

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