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Should You Consult With An Astrologer Or A Psychic?

This all depends on what your goals are. An astrological reading is good for getting the big picture of what your life can be about, patterns that may be forming in different areas of your life, and the best times to take major steps (open a business, get married, etc). An astrological reading can sometimes give you a projected outcome of where the future is headed, but just as with psychic based services, nothing is cut into stone and Pandit Surya Ji is Known as the best Psychic reader so he is also the Famous Indian Astrologer in Cape Town.

Famous Indian Astrologer in Cape Town.

What you want to avoid is using watered-down astrology to make snap decisions and judgments. Many people will disagree with me, but it’s ridiculous to limit yourself such as “I can’t date this person because I’m a Taurus and they’re a Leo.” People do this every day. If you talk to several professional astrologers, as I have over the years, these types of general assumptions have little to do with true astrology.

If you decide to work with an astrologer, make sure to locate a professional that has the training, experience, and references to make it worth your while.

For a legitimate astrology reading, you can expect to pay between $250 – $2000 for a good consultation (with charting services provided). Like a good doctor or attorney, a decent astrologer will be in demand and you can expect to wait for an appointment. Trust me – you want the one that’s in demand. We are talking about information that may have a major influence on your life, so again, stay away from generic horoscope readings. Hire a professional or don’t do it at all and Pandit Surya Ji is the Famous Indian Astrologer in Cape Town

Astrology on the other hand is a complex analytical system that has to do with dates, times, and alignment of the planets within our solar system. Even with a background in metaphysics and spiritual growth, the whole concept of astrology seems a little puzzling to me sometimes. But I don’t doubt its power – It’s the oldest science known to mankind and 75% of the Fortune 500 companies use astrology when making major business decisions. If there wasn’t something to astrology, neither of these facts would be true to make it happen consulting Pandit Surya ji would be the best solution and he is theĀ Famous Indian Astrologer in Cape Town.


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