Face Reading

It is the study of a person’s face to understand the nature and certain attributes about that person. Face readers can easily identify if a person is honest, intelligent or reliable which is easily identified by our Famous Indian Astrologer in Johannesburg that is  Pandit Surya Ji.

Famous Indian Astrologer in Johannesburg.

Looking for these characteristics in a person is very easy, but trying to read it is very difficult. How could one read a person from the outset? The face has many different attributes that you will have to understand to read the person properly. Here are some simple steps on how to read faces suggested by our Famous Indian Astrologer in Johannesburg who is Pandit Surya Ji.

The Hair: Your hair has the resemblance of physical insulation and overall strength. Now, if you have silky, fine and delicate hair then it means that you are sensitive and fragile physically especially if you have a slim build.

  • The Forehead: The forehead can be categorized into following types:
    o A wide forehead means cleverness and practicality. This person is capable of executing duty diligently. This in turn gives you a lot of wealth and high idealism.
    o A person with high, deep and rounded forehead usually depicts idealism, but it has a strong focus on friendship.
    o Person with narrow forehead will have obstacles in fulfilment, particularly in social situations along with many constraints in family life. People with narrow forehead will have to think things through.

These are just the glimpse of identifying the problems through the face and our famous Indian Astrologer in South Africa will examine things very carefully and identify the problems through the face done by Famous Indian Astrologer in Johannesburg.

Face reading is the art where the Pandit Surya Guru Ji who is the Famous Indian Astrologer in Johannesburg, Indian Astrologer in Johannesburg who can easily identify whether the person is subjected to Black magic or being suffering from any problems.



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