Manlike Dosh Shanty

The destiny of every human taking birth on this earth is unique. This unique destiny is governed by the placements of different planets in their horoscope, There are various Dosha in Astrology, which we have seen under the horoscope or Janam Kundli which is studied on a detailed basis by Pandit Surya Ji who is the No 1 Indian Astrologer in South Africa.

No 1 Indian Astrologer in South Africa.

The Horoscope has depended on the day and date, time and place of the birth of the person. With the help of all these information, we will check the position horoscope of the individual. As per astrology, Dosha only occurs when the positions of planets and Zodiac signs are sitting in the unfavorable houses. Due to Sitting in the unfavorable houses they give us negative results.

For e.g. when the malefic planets Saturn, Rahu, and Mars are positioned in a specific house that they affect your good part of the Janam Kundli which ultimately creates Vedic astrology Dosha. The word Dosha is taken from the Sanskrit language. It is also believed that wearing gemstones may help the person to overcome the various types of dosha so to where which Gem stone book an appointment with the Pandit Surya Ji who is the No 1 Indian Astrologer in South Africa.

According to Vedic Astrology, each person’s horoscope has some effect on their life. Some of us have to face unfavorable Kundli doshas. However, there are various remedies for astrological dosha that can help us get rid of them. Let’s take a look at different types of dosha and their remedies.

Dampatya Badha Dosh

If a person is facing trouble in getting married or is having a difficult married life, then they may have Dampatya Badha Dosh in their kundli. To enjoy a happy and blissful married life, such a person can try the following remedies.

Remedies for Dampatya Badha Dosh:

  • Effectively using the right astrology yantras/tantras;
  • Wearing favorable gemstones.
  • Giving donations
  • Worshiping certain deities
  • Trying to eliminate or pacify the dosh.

Remedies will be suggested to all the dosha’s suffered by human beings by the No 1 Indian Astrologer in South Africa that is Pandit Surya Ji.



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