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Astrology is the study of supposed planetary influence on human affairs. It is a powerful art that can enhance our lives by enable us to co-operate with the energies within and around us. But it is also a dangerous art and can easily be misused so consulting the Top Indian Astrologer and Healer in Durban, Indian Traditional Healer and Psychic that is Pandit Surya Ji will be the best solution.

Top Indian Astrologer and Healer in Durban.

Many dangers can derive from astrology. A scientist states, “How much physical and psychological damage such false astrological predications and advice cannot even be estimated.”

Often people who seek for help from astrologers are dependent on the astrologers to make decisions for them. They loose their own state of mind and will no longer make any decisions without first consulting their gurus. This can lead to diffidence and perpetual psychological dependence, suitable and appropriate guidelines will be given by our Top Indian Astrologer and Healer in Durban that is Pandit Surya Ji.

There was nothing obscure about these general assumptions. At the beginning of the sixteenth century astrological doctrines were part of the educated man’s picture of the universe and its workings. It was generally accepted that the four elements constituting the sublunary region (earth, air, fire & water) were kept in their state of ceaseless transformation by the movement of the heavenly bodies.

The various planets transmitted different quantities of the four physiological qualities of heat and cold, dryness and moisture. Therefore astrology was less a separate discipline than an aspect of a generally accepted world picture.

During the Renaissance, even more than in the Middle Ages, astrology pervaded all aspects of the intellectual framework in which men were educated and our Guru Ji Pandit Surya who has 31 years of experience and is the Top Indian Astrologer and Healer in Durban who has the complete knowledge on Indian Astrology.



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